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Okay. . . so, it’s been five years, but I figured

I’d give an update. Here’s what’s happened

since May 14, 2011. Can you believe it?! I’ll

go in chronological order, by grade.


Okay, I failed to mention some basics about 3rd grade, so I’ll start with that.


3rd Grade:

  • 1st halfScreenshot (40).png
    • It was awful. E.B. Desilva was an awful fit for me.
      They criticized my art and style of doing things. I did enjoy hip hop (as you know) and Japanese classes that I took after school. I was still adjusting to living in Hawaii and I missed Vermont a great deal.
  • 2nd halfOctober 13, 2010
    • At Connections Charter School, the lessons were FAR too easy. I always got 100’s. . . which was not good for my popularity. I was disliked and bullied for my advantage. This caused my mom to decide to have me transfer schools again and on top of that, skip a grade. It was around this time that I found out my mom was pregnant.

5th Grade:

Fifth grade at HAAS (Hawaiian Academy of Arts and Science) Real Class was pretty great. . . except for the fact that it was a 30 minute drive to Pahoa. However, we made it work with an alternating carpool system. This carpool led me to meet some of my best friends: Chayton and Kawika [kuh- vee- kuh].  I had always been a very outgoing person, despite my social ranking, so I quickly made friends, both in fifth and sixth grade. My fifth grade table consisted of my main friend-group, though I had many other friendships. Our table had four people at it: Chayton, Lily (also called Arthur), Kyle, and me. I was very good friends with all of them, especially Lily, though I’d become even better friends with Screenshot (41).pngChayton later on.

My sixth grade group was mostly Kawika and Jessica, and us and Chayton would hang out a lot after school.

Probably the highlight of my year, and – sadly – one of the top three highlights of my life, was our research paper. Knowing me, you can probably assume it was an 8 page report on House Cats. I thoroughly researched it, and finished it with a week to spare. I presented my Powerpoint slides and read off my note cards, handing my report to the teacher. After the presentation was over, I was praised by my teacher, Mr. Cretton. He noted my good writing and two-page, self-written bibliography. After the rest of the presentations (including a disturbing one on meth), I was approached by a classmate, Tiare, who had hated cats. She told me that I had changed her mind. I felt on top of the world.

Also worth noting, and I’m disappointed I didn’t, on January 7th, Luca Noel Davis was born.

6th Grade:100_4377

This update is getting long, and 6th grade is probably the most eventful year so far, so I’ll keep this simple. . .

After 5th grade, Kawika was going to discontinue attending HAAS and slowly, our carpool was falling apart. Instead, he was joining a school that his mom, Antie Pua worked at, Kua O Ka La. We then found out that my friend, Rani’s brother, Bodhi went there and that Rani was going to join that year, so I started attending the online school. I had tons of friends there, so it was really fun. We gardened with a very nice group of mentally disabled adults every week, which was extremely fun and the schoolwork was very easy.

7th Grade:

  • First Quarter
    • Rani stopped going to Kua O Ka La in 7th grade and my other best friend, Jesslyn only went every few Fridays. Since it was an online school, attendance wasn’t mandatory. This meant that when I wasn’t doing school work or writing, I was sketching or- well, writing. So, despite my hesitation, my mom tried to get me into the honors program at Hilo Intermediate, the high school. And so, my days with charter schools were over.
  • Last Three Quarters
    • Now, my mom’s wishes of me making friends didn’t come true at first, because this was the year when my shyness got really bad and started to show. Of course, Rani still lived just down the street, so I hung out with her all the time, but it was different- she had new friends now. However, a little before the end of the semester, a new girl named Bryn joined the school. And, since I already knew her from the play, Annie, we were basically set up to be friends. Our friendship was a little hard for me because Bryn was really talkative and I was too shy to interrupt, but it all worked out- we had so much in common. She also introduced me to good music- Coldplay, Ima327.JPGgine Dragons, F.U.N. It was perfect.
    • Also, that year, I joined MathCounts, the middle school version of Mathletes. This was extremely fun, and my coach/ math teacher, Mr. Waters was awesome. He made math my new favorite subject, passing LA. It’s been that way ever since.
    • Another highlight of my life: one day in MathCounts, we were trying to solve an extremely difficult equation. We spent like thirty minutes trying to solve it, and NO ONE could figure it out. However, right at the end, I seemed to suddenly understand it. As Mr. Waters was solving it for us, using complicated methods and taking like ten minutes, I worked on solving my equation. At the end, I raised my hand and said, “I got it a different way.” Mr. Waters verified it and out of a class of mathematically advanced 13 and 14 year olds, it was the 12 year old that figured it out.

8th Grade:100_5354.JPG

The summer of eighth grade, I moved back to Burlington, Vermont and from then on, everything was different. Papa’s (my grandpa) prostate cancer worsened, my anxiety returned in big waves and worst of all, I lost my home.

Now, Burlington is an expensive city and off of my step dad, Sasha’s money from teaching online, there was no way we could afford a home as nicas our last. Instead, we got stuck with the downstairs of a tiny house with peeling paint and
almost no heating. But worst of all, one bathroom. Put five people in a tiny house with one bathroom and you get a disaster.

The worst part about the move was that my old school didn’t have any open spots, so instead of going to Edmunds Middle School, I went to Hunt. But luckily, this turned out for the best.IMG_2660.jpg

The thing that has always drawn me to Burlington is its theatre progra
m. Very Merry Theatre. I had been going there since first grade. And now it was my chance to relive those days. And that was when I became a theatre junkie. Rocky Horror, Grease, and Rent had always been my life, but now I had people to talk to. My sister, Mari’s friends.

My first shows were called Troupe. A collection of three plays with the same cast- one of eleven. Mari, Declan, Felix, Marnie, Abby, Adam, Shayla, Zoe, Sidney, Anna, and me. Most would become dear friends.

At school, I became best friends with Amran from Kenya, KC, Tasnem from Jordan, Jacinda, Hayleigh, Tyler, Kylie, Jenna, Victoria, and of course, Declan, Eli, Sylvan, Henry. . . I had a lot of friends.FullSizeRender.jpg

One notable story was that on one bus ride, (Imagine a tiny city bus stuffed full of people, so much that every square inch of the aisle had people hanging onto the bars, breaking into fights, shoving and swearing in other languages, talking profanity, and stealing seats.) when a very tall, large eighth grader was leaving the bus, he randomly punched me in the arm. . . hard! It was so bizarre, and I obviously couldn’t just ask him why, but it hurt for a while.

Also, it was after we moved to Keene, New Hampshire (9th grade, in the making) that Sasha told me that there was a DRIVE-BY SHOOTING AT MY OLD BUS STOP earlier that year! At only 9 PM. Just to give you a pretty little picture of my neighborhood.


In other news, here’s a list of my favorite stuff:

TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy, South Park, The Simpsons, Adventure Time, Star Trek

Movie Series: STAR WARS!

Musica: David Bowie, Lou Reed, Joni Mitchell, Joanna Newsom, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Bruddah IZ. . .

Books: Of Mice and Men, The Crucible, A Child Called It, House of the Scorpion

Songs: Basket Case, Life of Mars, Walk on the Wild Side, Na Na Na, River, Esme

Artists: Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo

Composers: Vivaldi, Andrew Lloyd Webber

Broadway Plays: Phantom of the Opera, Fun Home, Wicked, Book of Mormon, American Idiot

Movies: Stand By Me, Ways to Live Forever, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Little Shop of Horrors, Spirited Away, Shaun of the Dead, Heathers

Friends: . . . . . .

Colors: Dark Green, Orange, Cacao Brown

Animals: Komodo Dragon, Corn Adder, Slender-snouted African crocodile

Numbers: 11, 13, 722,463

Superheroes: DC- Batman, Marvel- Iron Man (How original.)

Flower: Who has a favorite flower?! (Poppies)

Cereal Flavor: Hemp seed granola (I think I’m secretly a heroin addict. :P)

Candy: Candy Corn

Foods: Capers, Hail Mary Macaroons

Beverages: Japanese rice soda, water

Ice Cream Flavors: Coffee, Maple (soft-serve)

Magazines: Mad

Fruits: Papayas

Coffee: Pumpkin Spice Latte (Honestly? I’d expect more from you)

Signature: Cursive, Sabine D. Maloney

Sports Team: Portland Thorns (woman’s soccer), OS Beavers (College football)

Sport: Figure skating, Roller derby

Store: Grocery Store (free samples)

Restaurant: Foster Burger

Food Cart: Wolf and Bears

Songs to sing: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, Memory, Esme, Bohemian Rhapsody




Not Really Any Plans

Um. This weekend I don’t really have any plans. But, um, all I really know what I’m going to do this weekend is I know I’m going to go to the Farmer’s Market and go to the beach and there’s not really any plans besides that.

I don’t really want to go to the Farmer’s Market because all we’re going to do is get some vegetables and fruit, but I’m really excited for the beach as long as we don’t go to Richardson’s. I do like Richardson’s it’s just that it’s not the best beach in the world in my opinion. I don’t really know what I don’t like about it, but there’s some beaches that I really like. I really like 4 Mile because I just discovered a place that I had never been to that was in 4 Mile. I really like that place because – um – there’s a lot of really pretty shells and there’s coconuts right around there that are hollow and just pretend they’re cups when I’m playing in the water.

Um. I really miss Vermont, the place I used to live. I miss the cool temperatures and – um – the snow during winter.

My favorite thing about Hawaii is that – um – it has a lot less mosquitos. Plus, you get to go to the beach alot more and you get to see sea creatures unlike in Vermont where you would only see things that live in a lake.

When I grow up, I want to… I don’t really know what I want to be. When I grow… well. I have some things I might want to be. I really want to be an artist. Right now, I found one of my art books. I want to be an artist for – um – just like a kind of artist that you would see in an art book. It’s kind of complicated to tell what kind of art I want to make. I guess like… painting and slimy egg art. I’ll describe it when I get to page 55.

You have to take egg tempura, a glass of water, an egg white bowl and a yolk bowl and – um – this like paint powder I guess I would say. And you… I guess that’s really the best I can describe it.

My top three favorite bands are Taylor Swift and the Bangles and let’s just say Jordin Sparks.

Finally Back on the Blog

I’ll have to write a real quick blog because I have aikido practice soon.

But in the mean time, I’m eating pizza and writing my blog.

So ya, I have aikido. It’s really fun.

But to be honest, I’d better go  now!


Thanks for Reading My Blog

Sabine might be a chicken

Thursday was Thanksgiving. It was very exciting. I went over to my mom’s friend KB’s house with her son Dylan and their friends Ciara, Oisin and Mila came over too. My favorite food is cheese. I didn’t have any cheese over there, but I did have some for lunch yesterday which was Friday. My favorite food at Thanksgiving was the stuffing. It was very good.

The first thing I did when I got there is go see Dylan’s cat named Katsu. She’s so cute and nice. Do you how to spell chicken katsu? You just spell “katsu,” no chicken.

I forgot to tell you something about Thanksgiving. Basically the whole time I was playing with my best friend Ciara. We were playing spies. We were spying on boys. Let’s get back to Friday which was yesterday.

Yesterday I slept in pretty late and then we had a pretty drowsy day. I didn’t get out of my pjs until nighttime. And then I slept in my clothes. I also only brushed my teeth once yesterday.

Today we’re going to go to a Christmas parade! We’re also going to go to the pool and brush our teeth twice today! Sadly, I have to go back to school on Monday. Luckily I got out right on Thanksgiving and I don’t have to go to school until Monday.

That’s about all I know for this weekend, but I hope we’ll go to a new beach that we discovered not long ago. I also have a morning checklist! The morning checklist is just what I do every morning. And those things are: get dressed, brush hair, brush teeth, deodorant, reading log, pack bag, and every day to remember on monday: PE shoes. On wednesday: swimsuit, goggles, towel and slippers. And on Friday, hip hop gear and library books.

The reason I have swimming supplies on Wednesday is because I have swimming lessons every Wednesday but next swimming lesson, it’ll be on Tuesday. I see there’s a bear and a tree behind my dad, but it’s really only on the lamp.

My dad spent Thanksgiving in Sun River at his parent’s other house. And he’s still there! This title is named “Thanks for Reading My Blog” because Thanksgiving just passed and I want to thank you for reading my blog: Thank You.

That’s it for today, but I’ll see you next time at!

[chicken sounds]

Let’s Get Invisible

When Sabine covers her face, no one can see her.

This morning I went to a school called Connections which I will probably go to after Christmas break and had breakfast there. It was pancakes with chocolate chips with berry sauce and whip cream with egg and a sausage patty. I also got a China horse and a Goosebumps book called “Night of the Living Dummy II.”

I also from the library got two Goosebumps books. One’s called “Let’s Get Invisible” and the other one is called “Night in Werewolf Woods.” That’s my favorite one. Right now I’m reading the book “Let’s Get Invisible” and I chose that picture for the blog because I’m making my face invisible along with the book. I think my new favorite series instead of Harry Potter is Goosebumps. That’s about it for today. I’m doing a pretty short blog but all I want to say is I’m about to go to the pool which is going to be REALLY exciting!

Wait. The reason the pool is going to be really exciting… well, I just really love going to the pool. The only change in things is that my new favorite color is a kangaroo. I mean animal.

And just to let you know, give yourself some Goosebumps books because they are pretty good! And if you were wondering why I chose them for my favorite books even though they are very scary is because i honestly like murder in books. Goosebumps books, well they don’t give me goosebumps.

In one of my books, you can choose from over 25 different scary endings and I found the good one on page 205. But honestly, I didn’t read the book at all, I just read the ending. And I guess that was kind of cheating. In that ending, you kill the werewolves which is kind of sad and that’s it. You kill the werewolves with the magic thinga-ma-bobbie. It’s the best ending because all the other endings you got killed.

That’s about it. But I’ll do my blog soon. I’m doing thumbs-up right now because I can’t wait to blog again, sharing my day with the world.

The Turtle

Sabine and "Teddy"

I am happy to be at hip hop class. At hip hop, last time I did something really amazing, so amazing that the teacher said never to do it again because it’s very dangerous. What I did was… well… I don’t exactly know what I did but I think I stood on my head with my hands like that and then crossed my legs.

I also had to do something very fun. It’s like roller-over but in a more complex way. I’m going to try to do it just because I love to do it.

[dance break]

And there’s also something that the other people have to do but it is really hard for me because I kept spinning into things. So you jump your legs apart. Okay I’ll show you here. So you jump your legs apart. At the end of your jump your legs are crossed and then you spin.

Well, yesterday after school I went to a Goodwill and they had a bunch of stuffed animals and so of course I fell in love with one which was a Christmas-looking bear in the color of white and who’s only 2 dollars and 97 cents. So my mom said that he’s too big so I had to get rid of a stuffed animal and pay for him so I decided to get rid of one of my stuffed animals I’ve had since I was a baby. Then when we got home I had decided to buy it, I came from downstairs sobbing and carrying my toy baby bear from when I was a little baby. Of course my mom really cared about it because it reminded her of when I was a baby so she said that she would take it instead of me having to give it to my little cousin. My mom cared for Baby Bear very well and she even slept with him last night.

Um. Sadly I think that’s about it for today but I’m glad that I got to do a blog with my dad today.

And one more thing before I go. I voted for Maisie and Abercrombie and THEY WON!!! Maisie is someone who was being picked I don’t even know what she was, but she’s a human not my cat. Meow.

Oh. One more thing, while I got my little bear I got new sneakers! They have stars all over them and they have lace holes but they’re the kind of shoes that don’t need laces. I got them at Goodwill with my little bear who I named Teddy. I named him Teddy after his father who is also one of my bears.

Oh and PS my entry is called “The Turtle” because that’s a hip hop move (but I can’t do it).

Alone at Home

October 27, 2010

I finally get some time just for me and my mom. No Sasha, no Mari, no one except for me and my mom.

Not too long ago I couldn’t jump into the shallow end but then I jumped in at three feet and then went all the way into five feet. I’m only four-foot-something.

Right now I’m trying to suck on my bracelet and hold up my foot all with the same hand.

The best part I think about being only with my mom is I get to sleep in her bed. Aiiieeh!

Really soon I’m going to go to a science museum and they’re going to have this thing for eight year olds all the way through 13 year olds that’s like a mystery. By the way if you were wondering, I love mysteries.

I don’t know much about it but it’s going to be really exciting. I love mysteries.

Today I picked out a new favorite color. Red-violet. I haven’t even told my mom. I don’t know why I picked it. It’s just a cool, deep color and if you were wondering, my other two favorite colors are red and brown, just like my mom.

I also came up with a new favorite animal instead of all of them: a plain old leopard. Leopards just amaze me and that’s why I picked it.

Arrrg ya matees! But don’t worry, I still have the same favorite print: leopard.

Not to expect that you know what it is but what is a “wi-fi”?

That’s about all I can think of for this one little blog but don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about everything next time… oh man, stupid mosquitoes!

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